Loan Rates

Note: As Low As rate may include a 0.50% discount for loans currently enrolled in an electronic payment plan such as direct deposit, payroll deduction, or automatic withdrawal. If electronic payments are discontinued, the loan rate will increase 0.50%. Discount is not available on all loan types. Est. Pmt. Per $1k indicates the estimated monthly payment per $1,000 financed at the lowest stated rate over the maximum term listed for that row. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rates. Rates current as of March 31, 2017.

Transportation Loan Rates       Rates current as of June 1, 2018
Term New & Used
as low as1
Est. Pmt.
Per $1k
Min. Amt
Other Details
New & Used Automobiles
0-36 Months 2.99% $28.86 Vehicles older than model year 2010 receive the “Classic” automobile rate.
37-48 Months 3.24% $21.75
49-60 Months 3.24% $17.85
61-72 Months 3.99% $15.19 $15,000
Classic Automobiles
0-48 Months ** ** “Classic” Automobiles are those older than model year 2010. Rates are calculated on the table above plus a 2.00% premium.
New & Used Boats, RVs, and Campers
0-36 Months 5.49% $29.97 Boat loans are not available in all states. Contact a member representative for details.
37-48 Months 5.49% $23.02
49-60 Months 5.49% $18.87 $5,000
61-72 Months 6.74% $16.69 $20,000
73-120 Months 6.74% $11.22 $20,000
121-144 Months 6.99% $10.01 $40,000
New & Used Motorcycles / ATVs
0-36 Months 5.49% $29.63
37-48 Months 5.49% $22.69
49-60 Months 5.49% $18.75 $5,000
61-72 Months 6.74% $16.57 $20,000

1As Low As rate includes a 0.25% reduction when the loan amount financed is 80% or less of the NADA retail, MSRP, or applicable value. Transportation loans are eligible for the 0.50% electronic payment discount, which is also reflected in the advertised rate.


Personal Loan Rates       Rates current as of June 1, 2018
Term *A.P.R.
as low as
Est. Pmt.
Per $1k
Other Details
12 Month Signature 9.49% $87.56 Maximum amount $20,000 or 20% of base salary.
36 Month Signature 10.49% $32.38
48 Month Four Seasons 10.99% $25.72

Real-Estate       Rates current as of June 1, 2018
Type Maximum
as low as
Est. Pmt.
Per $1k
Additional Information
Choice Home Equity
15 Years 4.00% $7.40 $10K to $200K $500 minimum No prepayment penalty
No closing costs
Offered in most states
Easy Refinance
Fixed-rate, first or second position1,3
15 Years Call for
$25K to $417K Not Available Cash-out option available
$1,000 fixed closing costs
First Mortgage  ACU offers low-rate first mortgages in most states.
Rates change daily. Call the Credit Union at 651-256-0830 to check current rates.
1 Rate offered will be based on combination of factors including credit score and loan-to-value ratio.
2 Variable rate is subject to change semi-annually.
3 Easy refinance not eligible for 0.50% discount for electronic payment. However, rate bonus of -0.50% will be applied to members with active ACU checking.


Share Secured       Rates current as of June 1, 2018
Type Term *A.P.R.
as low as1
Est. Pmt.
Per $1k
Other Details
Share Equity 36 Months 6.24% $30.53 Maximum loan amount is 150% above the amount of shares pledged.
48 Months 6.49% $23.71
60 Months 6.49% $19.56
Share Secured 120 Months 2.30% $9.34 *A.P.R. will be the current rate of the share/money market account offered as security plus 2.00%
Certificate Secured 120 Months ** ** The *A.P.R. will be the dividend rate being paid on the Certificate offered as security (Index) plus 2%. Failure to renew will result in default under the Plan. When the Certificate is renewed, the *A.P.R. will change to reflect the new dividend rate. Any increase in the *A.P.R. will result in higher payments. The *A.P.R. and daily periodic rate will be disclosed on the voucher at the time of the advance.
1 Electronic discount of 0.50% does not apply to share secured, certificate secured, or share equity loans.


Visa Credit Card       Rate good thru June 1, 2018
Card *A.P.R.
as low as
Visa Platinum 9.49% Variable rate; Minimum $500 line of credit; No annual fee, no balance transfer fee, no foreign transaction fee; Cash advance fee is 2% of the advance amount.


Current Rates Offered